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Agriculture & Food, Volume 2, 2014

Avni Robaj, Afrim Hamidi, Driton Sylejmani, Rezart Postoli, Paskal Gjino
Pages: 222-226
Published: 1 Jun 2014
Views: 3,420
Downloads: 1,608
Abstract: In this study two protocols of anesthesia in dogs using different medicament combinations were compared for their efficiency and side effects in dogs. For this purpose dogs of different ages, races, and weight delivered for curing purposes have been involved in this study. In the first group of dogs the anaesthesia protocol comprising of xylazine as sedative substance, acepromazine as tranqulizier, ketamine as narcotic medicament IM (Intramusculuar) wereadministered, and in control group prior to application of xylazine, acepromazine, ketamine IM the atropine sulphate was administered. The goal of different combinations of medicaments with tranquilizing, sedative, narcotic and anticholinergic effect was the evaluation for better combination with fewer side effects for narcosis in ambulatory conditions. In first group, effect of mixture acepromazine + xylazine is reached after 51,3 minutes after I/M injection, meanwhile the speed of anaesthetic induction with additional application of ketamine is reached after 3 1,6 min after injection. In the second group as control group the administration of atropine sulphate 10 minutes prior injection of mixture acepromazine + xylazine and ketamine reaches the mixture effect after 41,2 minutes from last injection I/M. Meanwhile the speed of anaesthetic induction in second group with additional application of ketamine is reached after 3 1,1 minutes after injection. The combinations studied here revealed satisfactory results, assuring good anesthesia, less side effects and easy to perform in ambulatory conditions.
Keywords: xylazine, ketamine, acepromazine, atropine, dog
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