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Agriculture & Food, Volume 2, 2014

Eva Csikne Macsai, Tiago Manuel, Georgina Racz, Aniko Komaromi-Gergely, Jozsef Lehota
Pages: 480-491
Published: 1 Jun 2014
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Downloads: 416
Abstract: The growing popularity of direct sales is promoted and caused by increasing numbers of factors. A trend, for instance, is that as a result of alleged and real food scandals of recent years, trust of consumers in modern food industry has started shrinking. Consequently, on a consumer side, the demand for safety and transparency is rising. Consumers would like to have information on the origin of the product they purchase. This need is possible to be satisfied by direct sales. A research on consumer habits connected to direct sales is in the centre of the study. Influencing factors in food purchase are being examined and consumer groups defined by a cluster analysis based on the importance of influencing factors in food purchase are also being introduced. Amongst others, behaviour of individual consumer groups in a direct sales context is being highlighted, too.
Keywords: direct sales, consumer behaviour, market, retail market
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