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Ecology & Safety 2021, 30th International Conference
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Ecology & Safety, Volume 8, 2014

Dimitar Y. Dimitrov, Elitsa N. Kolentsova, Krasimir I. Ivanov
Pages: 504-510
Published: 1 Jun 2014
Views: 2,664
Downloads: 891
Abstract: Background: Emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from industrial pollution sources is a major concern worldwide. Strict environmental requirements demand low emissions of these pollutants. The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of the composition of the active ingredient and the calcination temperature on the catalytic activity of the supported copper-manganese mixed oxides in terms of oxidation of CO, methanol and dimethyl ether. Methods: The catalysts were prepared by impregnation of γ-Al2O3 with copper and manganese nitrates and the possibilities for CO and VOCs oxidation were evaluated using continuous flow equipment with a four-channel isothermal stainless steel reactor. Gas mixtures on the input and output of the reactor were analyzed with a gas chromatograph HP 5890 Series II, equipped with FID and TCD detectors. Results: Highly active alumina supported Cu-Mn catalysts for CO and VOCs oxidation were synthesized. The effect of preparation conditions on the active component composition and activity behavior of the catalysts was discussed. Conclusions: The present study showed that the Cu-Mn/γ–alumina supported catalysts have enhanced activity toward CO, methanol and DME oxidation. The synergetic interaction among copper and manganese species would promote the catalytic activity of the catalysts.
Keywords: copper-manganese catalysts, co and vocs oxidation
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