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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 8, 2014

Asimina E. Domopoulou, Xenofon D. Spiliotis, Konstantinos I. Ntampegliotis, Konstantinos H. Gudulas, George A.-P. Papapolymerou, Vayos G. Karayannis
Pages: 786-791
Published: 28 Jun 2014
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Downloads: 1,220
Abstract: The recycling of marble processing residue as pore former into clayey mixtures for the development of lightweight thermal insulating ceramics can contribute both to sustainable management of this industrial secondary material and economic benefits. Indeed, use of ceramics as thermal insulators is one of the main applications for this category of materials. In the present research, clay minerals incorporating 0-50 wt.% marble powdery residue were compacted into 5 cm disc-shaped specimens and fired at 950°C, a sintering temperature typically applied in standard ceramic manufacturing. The characterization of sintered materials reveals successfully consolidated ceramic bodies even at 50 wt.% residue content, whereas both bulk density and thermal conductivity of sintered products clearly decrease as a result of an increased porosity attained with increasing the powder admixture percentage.
Keywords: marble residue, compacted ceramics, sintering, thermal conductivity, porosity
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