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Media & Mass Communication, Volume 3, 2014

Dali Osepashvili
Pages: 44-48
Published: 25 Aug 2014
Views: 2,456
Downloads: 1,063
Abstract: Every form of journalistic style changes according to epoch. The Interview is one of the popular style forms (genre) for Georgian media but how it is being transformed? This is the main goal of this paper. Interview, as a genre was born in the USA in XIX century and spread rapidly in Europe. According to researchers after this form appeared in media, a new stage of professionalism begun. In order to show the process of transformation of interview in space and time, the author studied the early stage of the development of this genre in Georgia and at the same time considered to show the history of this journalistic style forms.
Keywords: interview, journalism history, transformation, usa media, genre, georgian media, style form
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