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Educational Alternatives, Volume 13, 2015

Daniela Ilieva-Koleva
Pages: 9-18
Published: 14 Jun 2015
Views: 2,486
Downloads: 767
Abstract: Good relation and communication between business and academia are crucial nowadays. Business wants students to come fully prepared from the university, and universities need to know the expectations of business in order to secure adequate preparation on the academic field. This article aims to examine the individual approach of communication with students through mentoring programs as a tool for personal development and better employment opportunities for graduates. The authors aim to make literature review of mentoring as an individual technique for communication and development, followed by suggestions on how mentoring could be implemented in university programs to prepare students for their successful business life. This article will also show the advantages and disadvantages of this type of personal development through individual approach.
Keywords: communication, business communication, student communication, interpersonal communication, academic development, mentoring, coaching, mentor program
Cite this article: Daniela Ilieva-Koleva. APPLYING MENTORING PROGRAMS IN UNIVERSITIES TO IMPROVE THE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BUSINESS AND ACADEMIA. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 13, 9-18 (2015).
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