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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 9, 2015

Shihchien Chan
Pages: 609-618
Published: 18 Jul 2015
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Downloads: 656
Abstract: For a sustainable environment, the green building issue has become more and more important in architectural design recently. Green planting is one of the important strategies of green building design. In fact, the site greenery ratio and quantity are stipulated in the building regulations in newly constructed buildings for CO2 reduction in Taiwan. On the other hand, in traditional Chinese societies, the concept of Feng Shui for dwellings still affects people’s concepts of building design and garden planning. So, green planting is one of the important elements to be considered in Feng Shui. While green building incorporates plantings for energy savings and sustainable environment, the greenery concept of Feng Shui for dwellings emphasizes harmony between people and the natural environment. Although, both green building and Feng Shui clearly place emphasis on some of the same issues, in some situations they are in conflict. This study focuses the green planting issue, and tries to expose disputed points and to discover common principles to satisfy both schools of thought. Following a literature review, an experts’ investigation method was applied in this study. In the final results, four main green planting principles have been arrived at. Green plantings for green building design and Feng Shui concepts need not conflict, rather can mutually progress. Thus, green building design can be promoted more, and traditional Feng Shui concepts can be preserved in the modern age. If we can consider the relevant concepts of Feng Shui for dwellings during the process of green building design, it would greatly benefit the propagation and promotion of green building design in Chinese society.
Keywords: green building, feng shui, traditional culture, green planting
Cite this article: Shihchien Chan. GREENERY CONCERNS OF GREEN BUILDING DESIGN AND FENG SHUI. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 9, 609-618 (2015).
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