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Language, Individual & Society 2020, 14th International Conference
23-26 August, Burgas, Bulgaria
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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 9, 2015

Renáta Kišoňová
Pages: 61-64
Published: 19 Aug 2015
Views: 1,906
Downloads: 614
Abstract: We are going to detect the problem of origin of human language in the context of group cohesion. We can see a relation between language and some kind of emotion; mainly smile and laughter which we consider as a connection to group cohesion and language. We are going to discuss three different hypotheses regarding the fact that the content of conversations can effectively influence the consistency of large social groups (hypothesis of gossips, Scheherezade effect and hypothesis of social contract). Human language allows the grooming of more than one member of the group at once; other activities can be performed besides grooming, as well, and allows the exchange of social information about events in human social network that occurred in our absence and it gives us dominant advantage.
Keywords: language, group cohesion, social function, social group, laughter, smile, bergson
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