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Economy & Business, Volume 9, 2015

Ibrahim Kryeziu
Pages: 223-234
Published: 21 Aug 2015
Views: 2,732
Downloads: 698
Abstract: Private public partnership is relatively a new form of performing of public services, which are the responsibility of central and local governments and other public agencies in the interest of citizens and legal entities. The partnership established between public institutions and private partners, aims to increase the performance of services, affairs and public assets in favor of a more qualitative life of the citizens and sustainable development ekonomik a country In this sense the governments of various countries with the aim of reducing public expenditure, to increase the quality of services and increasing the economy, have set up the necessary legal and institutional infrastructure for raising and development of this partnership. This form of partnership, is exceptionally important for the countries which have low levels of economic development and have limited financial resources to fulfilling the needs in the field of public services and public infrastructure. Kosovo as a new country with a low level of economic development, in a transition phase and with limited budgetary resources, needs to be oriented to strengthening this partnership. Therefore in order to decrease the costs of public services and to increase the performance of public institutions, the Kosovo government has created a solid legal and institutional infrastructure as a basis for the creation and development of public private partnership. In this the research paper shall be treated, the level of the institutional, legal and professional capacities of government institutions at central and local level, in the evaluation, development and implementation of this partnership. Will be evaluated concrete actions to present concrete projects will be presented and experiences from different countries which already have the prosperous experience in this field.
Keywords: public-private partnerships, the ministry of finance, the kppp, department ppp, private partners, concession
Cite this article: Ibrahim Kryeziu. APPLICATION OF PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP - IN THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business 9, 223-234 (2015).
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