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Educational Alternatives, Volume 13, 2015

Aivars Erins, Artis Linarts, Igors Klemenoks, Maris Knite
Pages: 290-301
Published: 27 Aug 2015
Views: 2,000
Downloads: 587
Abstract: Mastering academic subject (Physics and Chemistry in particular) is inextricably linked to laboratory works. However, the nature of these works should change upon academic progression. This article justifies necessity of such changes and thoroughly describes laboratory works performed by Master’s degree students in the RTU. In the course of these works, students are given an opportunity to perform in parallel their first scientific research. All of this, firstly, helps to understand the academic subject better; secondly, it gives student a chance to participate in real scientific experiments. This article also thoroughly reviews theoretical part of these laboratories works, whether it’s based on well known facts or original scientific research performed by the article’s authors. It describes in details manufacturing polyisoprene-nanostructured carbon composite, as well as a feasibility of using it as a pressure sensor. It provides a description of an original experimental plant for piezoresistivity effect research.
Keywords: laboratory works, polyisoprene, carbon, nanocomposite, piezoresistivity effect
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