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Economy & Business, Volume 10, 2016

Mirjana Grčić Fabić, Goran Kutnjak, Mateja Gorše
Pages: 12-22
Published: 9 Apr 2016
Views: 1,886
Downloads: 601
Abstract: The competitiveness of today's society as a whole, but also its business entities, is based on the continuity of social changes, which represent a significant segment of the development and growth of the society. Such designation insists on the fact that only a competent management can be the holder and creator of that changes, that is it presents a conceptual foundation whereby only "change management" can generate, as well as systematically manage changes within the "society of changes". One of the essential management skills is „design skill“, which insists on the fact that managers themselves must be innovators, that is creators of social changes, and by using motivational approach they must mobilize other stakeholders that participate in working process to inventive and creative expression. Analogously, research in the segment of management innovations have become an essential need with regard to modernization of today's society. They are the driving-motivational-mobilization component of future innovative environment, suggest growth and development, as well as being corrective factor for redefining of business strategies on the achievable, but some new, futuristic grounds. Management innovations represent a kind of medium that articulates the necessity for high standard of social life, on which the authors tried to focus in the context of theoretical research.
Keywords: society, changes, management, innovation, management innovation
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