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Agriculture & Food, Volume 4, 2016

Svetla Kostadinova, Shteliyana Kalinova, Mariyan Yanev
Pages: 122-128
Published: 6 Jun 2016
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Abstract: Field experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of herbicide Diflufenican with trade name Pelican 50 SC, biostimulant Amalgerol and foliar fertilizers KTS and Hi-Phos to the sunflower seed yield and quality. Pelican 50 SC in dose 0,250 L/ha was applied before sowing and before weeds germinating after sowing. Amalgerol in doses 3, 4 and 5 L/ha was jointly applied with KTS in doses 2,25, 4,5 and 6,75 L/ha, or with Hi-Phos in dose 5 L/ha. The highest seed yields of sunflower were obtained when Pelican50SC was applied before weeds germinating after sowing combined with Amalgerol in dose 5 L/ha and KTS in dose 6,75 L/ha or Hi-Phos in dose 5 L/ha. The obtained additional production of sunflower grain was in the range from 360 kg.ha-1 to 840 kg.ha-1. Application of Pelican50SC before sowing and jointly foliar dressing with Amalgerol 4 L/ha and Hi-Phos demonstrated high total fat concentration and fat content. The use of Pelican 50SC, Amalgerol and foliar fertilizers increased productivity of fertilizer nutrients by 24.1 % to 55.2 %.
Keywords: sunflower, herbicide, foliar fertilizing, yield, fat
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