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Ecology & Safety, Volume 10, 2016

George Kollaros, Antonia Athanasopoulou, Vasiliki Kollarou
Pages: 95-106
Published: 7 Jun 2016
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Downloads: 575
Abstract: The effects of road projects on flora and fauna are examined and discussed in an effort to make suggestions for mitigating measures. The Egnatia Road motorway has been selected as basis for a full research on the issue, since it is a modern infrastructure with multiple beneficial social impacts, as well as economic benefits. In the part of the road in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region completed recently and its vertical axes the main problem is the habitat fragmentation for the terrestrial species. Flora is impacted mainly in the verges of the road. Large and smaller mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds are all affected to a different degree. Protective measures can be implemented towards the confrontation of both primary and secondary effects; those proposed (overpasses, underpasses, fencing etc.) are not the only alternative solutions, but they have been proven very effective in the case of transportation infrastructure in Greece.
Keywords: impact, transportation infrastructure, flora, fauna, protection
Cite this article: George Kollaros, Antonia Athanasopoulou, Vasiliki Kollarou. PROTECTING FAUNA AND FLORA IN SENSITIVE AREAS CROSSED BY LINEAR TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety 10, 95-106 (2016).
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