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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 10, 2016

Jana Bérešová
Pages: 37-44
Published: 11 Aug 2016
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Downloads: 549
Abstract: Focusing on grammatical-semantic features of both English and Slovak, we decided to analyse texts written in English and their translations into Slovak. Our research is based on nominal tendencies in English that enable native speakers to describe reality. From the stylistic perspective, this nominal character of English can make difficulty for translators as this accumulation of nominal elements seems to be awkward in Slovak. Despite the fact that nominal phrases are used more frequently in administrative and scientific texts, our research outlines the comparison of the language used in English literary texts and their translations into Slovak, focusing on the language of the narrator and the language of characters. In conclusion, we will present approaches to translating nominal structures into a synthetic language.
Keywords: nominalisation, synthetic languages, contemporary literary prose, translation
Cite this article: Jana Bérešová. NOMINAL TENDENCIES IN ENGLISH AND THEIR SLOVAK EQUIVALENTS IN CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society 10, 37-44 (2016).
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