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Educational Alternatives, Volume 14, 2016

Todorka Glushkova
Pages: 583-593
Published: 30 Sep 2016
Views: 1,714
Downloads: 509
Abstract: In recent years it becomes increasingly important to develop context-aware systems that can adapt their behaviors depending on the context and already applied in various areas of life- health, transport, communications, training and so on. The capture of context takes place by means of sensors that can be physical, virtual, or logical. The report will present a model of context-aware system for e-learning in secondary school. Formalization will be presented by mathematical notation for modeling mobile and context-aware systems - CCA (Calculus of Context-aware Ambients).
Keywords: cca, context-aware, scorm, e-learning
Cite this article: Todorka Glushkova. MODELING OF CONTEXT-AWARE SCHOOL E-LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 14, 583-593 (2016).
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