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Agriculture & Food, Volume 5, 2017

Gicuța Sbîrciog, Gabriela Șovărel, M. Costache
Pages: 381-388
Published: 17 Jul 2017
Views: 1,533
Downloads: 297
Abstract: ROMAGROBIOFERTIL NP is a biological fertiliser on the basis of three bacterias belong to Azospirillium lipoferum, Azotobacter chroococcum and Bacillus megaterium species. Experiments were done during 2016 using tomatoes (Prekos F1), cucumbers (Mirabelle F1) and cauliflower (Cornell F1). The product was applied both in the seedling phase and after planting. Two treatments were applied on seedlings: 4 days before sowing on the surface of the peat in normal cell trays and 15 days after emergence. During vegetation period were performed three applications, using 15 l/ha in the following moments: first application, immediately before planting (in same day) on soil surface, the second, as a foliar spraying after recovery of the plants, and the third, 30 days later. In tomato, cucumber and cauliflower seedlings the application of Romagrobiofertil NP has positively influenced the plant height (> with 5.6 -17.9%), the number of leaves / plant (> with 20.0-29.6%), the number of roots /plant (> with 19.5 – 40.8%) and the length of the roots (> with 21.2 -33.1%). In tomato, cucumber and cauliflower crops, the effect of the product has been reflected both in the growth and development of plants and in the obtained yield higher with 2.3% on tomatoes, 3.7% on cucumbers and 2.4% on cauliflower. Additional obtained yield was significant in comparison with untreated control variant, in all three vegetable crops.
Keywords: bio fertilizer, azospirillium lipoferum, azotobacter chroococcum, bacillus megaterium
Cite this article: Gicuța Sbîrciog, Gabriela Șovărel, M. Costache. STIMULATING EFFECT OF ROMAGROBIOFERTIL NP FERTILISER ON TOMATO, CUCUMBER AND CAULIFLOWER CROPS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Agriculture & Food 5, 381-388 (2017).
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