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Agriculture & Food, Volume 5, 2017

Danica Fazekašová, Juraj Fazekaš, Petra Huličová, Ondrej Hronec, Peter Adamišin
Pages: 484-490
Published: 18 Jul 2017
Views: 910
Downloads: 141
Abstract: Contamination of soil by heavy metals in immission field of the magnesium factory Jelšava – Lubeník (Slovakia) and their effect to the soil characteristics were determined. Soil samples were collected in the area Jelšava - Lubeník with specific alkaline pollutants, it is one of the most devastated regions of Slovakia and with the alarming degree of environmental damage. Production of clink accompanies the enormous emissions of dust particles of MgO into the air and the leakage of gaseous compounds, mainly SO2 and NOx. The total content of heavy metals in soils (Cd, Pb, Zn, Cr, Mn, Mg) were determined in an accredited laboratory by atomic absorption spectrometry and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. The assessed values of heavy metals in soils were compared to the limit values of Slovak soils. Soil reaction was determined in solution of 0.01 M CaCl2. The research showed that the investigated sites are strongly alkaline. Based on the obtained results, it can be stated that the contents of Cd, Pb, Zn is below the level of toxicity but for Cr, Mn and Mg, it does not apply. Their significant exceedance points contamination in which we can take into account the harmfulness and toxicity.
Keywords: soil, heavy metals, ph, magnesium, manganese
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