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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 11, 2017

Samuel Kosolapov
Pages: 442-452
Published: 29 Jul 2017
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Abstract: Pintograph is a lateral (2D) device that uses a number of rods to move a pen or other tool relative to a flat surface. Known from 19th century, our days pintograph became popular alternative to X-Y Plotters and two-arm robot mechanisms because of its simple mechanical implementations using inexpensive actuators (servo motors) controlled by an inexpensive microcontroller. In attempt to improve {X, Y} positioning' accuracy of the tool, it is proposed to use digital camera to evaluate real {X, Y} position of the tool by using special markers, and, then, correct tool' {X, Y} position. Usage of camera can be useful when accuracy is more important than speed. Results or this research can be used in design of inexpensive laser engravers.
Keywords: pintograph, image processing, laser engraver
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