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Agriculture & Food, Volume 5, 2017

İrfan Öztürk, Tuğba Hilal Çiftçigil, Remzi Avcı, Turhan Kahraman, Vedat Çağlar Girgin, Melis Seidi, Adnan Tülek, Kemal Akın, Bülent Tuna
Pages: 562-570
Published: 21 Aug 2017
Views: 847
Downloads: 230
Abstract: Because of the various environmental conditions biotic and abiotic stress factors varies in Trakya region, Turkey, and negatively affect some agronomic traits of the barley cultivars. This research was carried out to investigate location effect on yield, quality and leaf disease and correlation among these characters in developed advance genotypes. Experiment was conducted at three locations during 2015-2016 growing year in Trakya region, Turkey. Experiment was set up with 25 advanced genotypes in randomized completely blocks design with four replications. Grain yield, days of heading, plant height, 1000-kernel weight, test weight, protein ratio, net blotch, and leaf rust diseases and relationship among these characters were investigated. There were significant differences among genotypes and location for examined characters. Sixty genotypes were tolerant to net blotch and leaf rust in three locations. The correlation coefficient varied according to level of the disease infection. Grain yield was negatively correlated with net blotch in three locations. Net blotch disease of barley negatively affected and decreased in TKW at three locations. Also, in Edirne location net blotch highly affected and decreased test weight. The grain yield was positively correlated with TKW at three locations and negatively significant correlated with protein ratio in Edirne and slightly correlated in Keşan location. These results showed that genotypes x environment interaction were highly significant for biotic and abiotic stress factor.
Keywords: barley, genotypes, location effect, agronomic characters, biotic stress
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