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Economy & Business, Volume 11, 2017

Radim Valenčík, Miroslav Jurásek
Pages: 32-40
Published: 22 Aug 2017
Views: 1,666
Downloads: 244
Abstract: A transformation of the current social security and insurance systems in the Czech Republic into a fully merit-based and fully closed pension insurance system with a flat basic benefit can be done with minimum risks and in a smooth manner, by using a postgraduate superstructure of those systems and extending it gradually. A simple model illustrates the motivations It also shows how resources are generated that can be used to fund the so-called productive services, i.e. services aimed at extending the productive life, including its income-generating aspect, of a person. It follows from the above that, among others, constituting an economy, in which the sector of productive services (services helping to acquire maintain and apply human capital) would be dominant, is feasible.
Keywords: pension, pay-as-you-go system, productive services, human capital
Cite this article: Radim Valenčík, Miroslav Jurásek. POSTGRADUATE FULLY MERIT-BASED AND FULLY CLOSED PAY-AS-YOU-GO PENSION SYSTEM. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business 11, 32-40 (2017).
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