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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 11, 2017

Ľudmila Jančovičová
Pages: 23-28
Published: 24 Aug 2017
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Abstract: The paper discusses subordinate clauses in English, specifically, finite and non-finite nominal clauses and finite and non-finite adnominal relative clauses. Attention is devoted to the various syntactic features of these clauses, as well as to their different functions. Nominal clauses function as clause elements; additionally, they can function as postmodifiers. By contrast, adnominal relative clauses function only as postmodifiers. They provide either specific or supplementary information about the noun phrase head.
Keywords: subordinate clauses, syntactic features, nominal clauses, adnominal relative clauses
Cite this article: Ľudmila Jančovičová. SYNTACTIC FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS OF SUBORDINATE CLAUSES IN ENGLISH. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society 11, 23-28 (2017).
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