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Educational Alternatives, Volume 15, 2017

Pavel Slepička, Irena Slepičková, Radka Hlaváčková, Kateřina Novotná
Pages: 129-136
Published: 31 Aug 2017
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Abstract: In present overview article, we focus on some possible risk factors in child and youth sport. In an overview of contemporary research focusing on doping, and fair play, we show how the norms of contemporary competitive sport emphasizing results, maximal performance and victory at all cost may support risk behaviour in sporting children and youth, such as doping abuse, or breaking rules and fair play. It seems that this risk behaviour is not limited only to the context of sport but translates also in the life outside sport. Due to the penetration of doping substances into increasingly younger age categories, the preventive action must be targeted at sporting younger population groups whose value system is still being formed.
Keywords: sport, children, youth, doping, aggression, fair play
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