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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 11, 2017

Olga Smalej
Pages: 119-127
Published: 29 Sep 2017
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Downloads: 218
Abstract: Today, one can observe a growing number of people at procreation age who do not have children. There are many causes of this phenomenon, one of them being the increasing number of intentionally childless people in the totality of the population. The emergence of intentional childlessness was made possible by multifaceted changes which have taken place during the recent decades. Intentional childlessness is a very controversial phenomenon. People choosing to have no children oppose to fundamental cultural patterns and natural biological predisposition of human as a species. They do not intend to have children at all. Today, having a child is no longer obvious, but has become a part of the project which is an individual’s life. Therefore, it seems extremely interesting to explore the public opinion on the phenomenon of intentional childlessness. The aim of the present paper is to become acquainted with the public opinion concerning intentional childlessness in Poland. It is based on a quantitative research carried out in the first half of 2017.
Keywords: intentional childlessness, childlessness by choice, opinions on childless people, alternative forms of marital and family life
Cite this article: Olga Smalej. VOLUNTARY CHILDLESSNESS IN THE LIGHT OF SOCIAL OPINION – AN ANALYSIS OF A POLISH SURVEY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society 11, 119-127 (2017).
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