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Materials, Methods & Technologies 2020, 22nd International Conference
29 August - 1 September, Burgas, Bulgaria
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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 12, 2018

A. Didenko, V. Smirnova, G. Vaganov, E. Popova, V. Elokhovskii, O. Toloshko, E. Vasilyeva, D. Kuznetсov, V. Svetlichnyi, V. Yudin, V. Kudryavtsev
Pages: 144-158
Published: 6 Sep 2018
Views: 613
Downloads: 184
Abstract: Multiblock (segmented) co(polyurethane imide)s were prepared with use of 1,3-bis(3',4-dicarboxyphenoxy)benzole dianhydride, 1,4-bis(4'-aminophenoxy)diphenylsulphone, Poly(propylene glycol) (Mn 2300) or Poly(ethylene adipate) (Mn 2700), terminated toluene 2,4- diisocyanate. Monomers were introduced into the reaction sphere at predetermined molar ratio and specified sequence that allowed getting samples characterized by a high content of aromatics compared to aliphatic. Moreover, the aromatic hard segments had both reduced and increased molecular mass. Obtained copolymers form strong elastic films. The film properties were defined by the TGA, DSC and DMA methods, their mechanical properties were examined in both static and dynamic test mode. The results of the study correlated with chemical composition of polymers (with the molecular mass of hard aromatic segment and the polyether/polyester nature of soft aliphatic segment). These findings support to the view that the prepared polymers are promising as polyimide thermo-elasto-plastic materials.
Keywords: polycondensation, polyimides, polyurethanes, multiblock copolymers, poly(urethane-imide), thermoplastic elastomer, thermo-elasto-plastic, mechanical p
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