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Economy & Business, Volume 12, 2018

Thomas Chatzigagios, Doranis Ilarion
Pages: 314-319
Published: 12 Sep 2018
Views: 1,291
Downloads: 190
Abstract: The arrival of computers has led to the creation of Information Systems which are being used as a business tool extensively. Computers and more specifically information systems are used in a large scale from almost every single enterprise. The application of the dynamic potential of information systems and technologies has brought various improvements in business activities. One of the most important sectors which takes advantage of the constant rise of informational systems are the banking institutions. The nature of the banking sector as in other industries related to financial institutions, includes the use of terms such as information and trust. As a fundamental part of the industry of services, banks need the most information they can acquire. In the financial level, the role of an information system is far more complex, due to its position in the chain value, where the need for advanced information systems, which will allow the function of a large volume of information in different stages of processing, is granted. Furthermore, for the banking institutions and their clients, it is indispensable to have security, accuracy and data availability, terms which contribute to the automation of Information Systems. The basic services include the recordings of client’s audit books, whereas the most complicated include the possibility of an interactive voice recording through which clients can receive answers through the frequently asked questions application. However, the development of an information system requires substantial investments, the responsibility of not leaking information and different other security measures. Therefore, banks need information in every stage of their activities. The benefits of information are many. Today, the decision making systems are used also by banks for purposes of commercial use of new loans. Typically, banks tend to need information in several levels analyzed in the paper.
Keywords: banks, bank security, information systems
Cite this article: Thomas Chatzigagios, Doranis Ilarion. PROTECTION OF THE INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN THE BANKING SECTOR. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business 12, 314-319 (2018).
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