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Agriculture & Food, Volume 7, 2019

Irfan Öztürk
Pages: 75-85
Published: 31 Jul 2019
Views: 313
Downloads: 58
Abstract: Barley is one of the mainly field crops and because of the various environments condition grain yield and its component varies depending on a large number of genotypes, environmental, agronomical and physiological characters. In the study it was investigated and compared yield and agro-morphological characters in two and six rowed barley genotypes. The research were conducted with two experiments, with two and six-rowed barley genotypes, each one composed of 36 genotypes in alpha lattice design with three replications in 2016-2017 growing seasons. Data recorded on grain yield, days of heading, plant height, 1000-kernel weight, test weight, protein ratio, and grain uniformity also, relationship amongst those parameters were compared. There were various relations among investigated parameters based on two and six rowed barley genotypes. In two-rowed genotypes, minimum and maximum grain yield was in the range of 6843-9603 kg ha-1, and mean of grain yield was 8576 kg ha-1. In six-rowed genotypes, grain yield was in the range of 6798-10086 kg ha-1, and mean of grain yield was 8454 kg ha-1. Two rowed genotypes had more 1000-kernel weight, test weight, grain uniformity, and protein content than six-rowed genotypes. Based on investigated parameters, in two-rowed genotypes the mean values of TKW were 50.7 g, TW 73.1 kg, protein ratio 11.6%, grain uniformity 94.3%, days of heading 107.3 and plant height 100.3 cm. In six-rowed genotypes, mean values of TKW were 36.8 g, TW 69.9 kg, protein ratio 10.8%, grain uniformity 74.6%, days of heading 108.8 and plant height 99.6 cm. According to results two-rowed genotypes had higher grain yield, 1000-kernel weight, test weight, and protein ratio than six-rowed genotypes.
Keywords: barley, genotypes, two-six rowed barley, yield, agronomic traits
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