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Ecology & Safety 2021, 30th International Conference
16-19 August, Burgas, Bulgaria
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Ecology & Safety, Volume 13, 2019

Marinela Panayotova, Neli Mintcheva, Gospodinka Gicheva, Vladko Panayotov, Lubomir Djerahov, Bozhidar Ivanov
Pages: 58-67
Published: 1 Aug 2019
Views: 285
Downloads: 54
Abstract: Water from tailing ponds of mineral processing plants can be discharged to natural water bodies if the concentration of xanthates is below 1 mg/L. The paper presents the removal of potassium ethyl xanthate from model wastewater by silver nanoparticles-zeolite composite. The impact of adsorbent dose, initial pH value of polluted water and initial pollutant's concentration was investigated. The process kinetics is fast. The kinetics of the xanthate immobilization is best described by the pseudo second order model and the equilibrium - by the Langmuir adsorption isotherm. The material exhibits high capacity with respect to the pollutant when the latter is spiked into natural waters. Even more, over 75 % of the pollutant present in clarified real wastewater from zinc-lead ore flotation experiment have been removed in 120 min at adsorbent dose of 0.2 g/L.
Keywords: silver nanoparticles-zeolite composite, xanthate, wastewater
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