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Economy & Business, Volume 13, 2019

Stanislav Dimitrov
Pages: 32-42
Published: 5 Oct 2019
Views: 612
Downloads: 72
Abstract: Pension wealth in the European Union member states differs vastly among countries. Elderly in most Member States are growing as proportion in the population. This is combined with the different design of pension systems, increase in the number of years after retirement, limited abilities to raise pension expenditure and economic environment with low interest rates. As a consequence, there is a pension gap, deep problems emerge and market risks are created. European citizens need to have more and safe opportunities for long-term saving and investment. At the same time, market players expect clear rules and predictive framework. For long time adequate and sustainable pensions are mainstream of policymakers but it is time to set another focus. This focus could be the pension wealth and its development. The tendencies and problems concerning the wealth of elderly are analyzed and some solutions are presented.
Keywords: pension wealth, old-age income, statutory pensions, supplementary pensions, adequate pensions, sustainable pensions
Cite this article: Stanislav Dimitrov. PENSION WEALTH IN THE EUROPEAN UNION – TENDENCIES, PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business 13, 32-42 (2019).
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