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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 13, 2019

Luminita Cocarta, Silvia Andrei, Sorin-Toma Andrei
Pages: 131-140
Published: 7 Oct 2019
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Downloads: 97
Abstract: New and diverse business communities are being created and it becomes business people’s duty to learn about other cultures, including other languages, as to be able to exchange information and to express feelings. Based on specialized research, the present paper tries to illustrate that language is a reflection of culture, giving a certain way of thinking and interaction as well as a life style. It also attempts to demonstrate that communicating in a foreign language would imply a lot of other things besides knowing the symbols (words) of that language, mainly a certain perception of the universe and the awareness that meaning may change from culture to culture and from one age to the other. People have similar meanings only to the extent to which they have had or can anticipate similar experiences. Making people aware of the potential for misunderstanding, for giving and taking offence, for being frustrated in their endeavors, because of not knowing the cultural norms of language use, as well as the gestures accompanying language, is surely a field the ones working across cultures should not neglect.
Keywords: language, culture, business communities, awareness, global world
Cite this article: Luminita Cocarta, Silvia Andrei, Sorin-Toma Andrei. THE ROLE OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE INTO THE BUSINESS WORLD. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society 13, 131-140 (2019).
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