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Ecology & Safety, Volume 14, 2020

Nicoleta R. Jianu, Ioana C. Moga, Aneta Chiviu, Eugen Marin
Pages: 65-74
Published: 12 Sep 2020
Views: 655
Downloads: 75
Abstract: The paper presents a new type of bioreactor that capitalizes the wastewater sludge to be further used as fertilizer in agriculture. Wastewater sludge, soil and compost are mixed inside the bioreactor, finally resulting an agriculture fertilizer. The use of wastewater sludge in agriculture, as fertilizer, can significantly reduce the cost of sludge removal from wastewater treatment plants, as well as can assure the requirements for inorganic components (nitrogen, phosphorus) for many agricultural crops. Thus, sludge from wastewater treatment plants can be successfully used in agriculture to: reduce the use of other chemical fertilizers; sustainable development of the environment; improving the physical and organic properties of soils through the intake of nutrients, trace elements; improving microbial activity in the soil, etc.
Keywords: bioreactor, wastewater sludge, soil, compost, fertilizer, agriculture
Cite this article: Nicoleta R. Jianu, Ioana C. Moga, Aneta Chiviu, Eugen Marin. WASTE MANAGEMENT IN AGRICULTURE AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety 14, 65-74 (2020).
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