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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 14, 2020

Andrey V. Suzdaltsev, Andrey Yu. Nikolaev, Olga B. Pavlenko, Yuriy P. Zaikov
Pages: 19-24
Published: 12 Sep 2020
Views: 604
Downloads: 83
Abstract: Alumina content in electrolysis cells for aluminum production is one of the most important and poorly controlled parameters. In order to check the current value of alumina content as well as the dissolution of alumina in industrial electrolytes (NaF-AlF3-CaF2-Al2O3), a novel electrochemical sensor was proposed. It was comprised of a carbon working electrode and a counter electrode interacting with aluminum. The sensor was easy to manufacture, and it allowed reducing the measurement error associated with back reactions at the working electrode. The novel approach was considered on an example of dissolving the alumina in the NaF-AlF3-(5 wt%)CaF2 melt ([NaF]/[AlF3] = 2.1 mol/mol) containing alumina (Al2O3) in amount of 0.69-4.51 wt% at 995 °C in conditions of natural and forced convection. It was found that the alumina solubility in the studied melt was 4.51 wt%. Depending on the initial content of alumina in the melt and convection conditions, its dissolution rate varied up to 0.36 mol/s·m3.
Keywords: aluminum electrolysis, alumina dissolution, electrochemical sensor, voltammetry
Cite this article: Andrey V. Suzdaltsev, Andrey Yu. Nikolaev, Olga B. Pavlenko, Yuriy P. Zaikov. IN-SITU MONITORING ALUMINA DURING ALUMINIUM ELECTROLYTIC PRODUCTION. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 14, 19-24 (2020).
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