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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 14, 2020

J. Packa, V. Šály, J. Sulová
Pages: 156-164
Published: 12 Sep 2020
Views: 617
Downloads: 46
Abstract: Currently, the fire protection of property and human health are an integral part of buildings security. We cannot neglect the reliability and long-term stability of cable systems which are important for safety, service and economic return on investment, too. For these purposes flame retardant and fire resistant cables are used in cable installation of buildings. Changes of dielectric properties may be related with modifications of insulation in order to limit smoke, fumes and halogens or improve their fire resistance. Manufacturers declare tests in compliance with valid standards. According to our experiences these tests need not verify real life time during operation or unexpected events such as flooding or current overload. The paper deals with application of cables with enhanced fire performance according to standards in Slovakia. The influence of the rated voltage during immersion in the water on insulation resistance and breakdown voltage of insulated cores with different flame barriers in the laboratory conditions are presented, too.
Keywords: water immersion, dielectric properties, fire performance, cables, testing, flame barriers
Cite this article: J. Packa, V. Šály, J. Sulová. CHOSEN VIEWS ON CABLE WITH IMPROVED FIRE PERFORMANCE. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 14, 156-164 (2020).
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