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Ecology & Safety, Volume 15, 2021

Abram Z., Tubak N.
Pages: 37-42
Published: 20 Sep 2021
Views: 522
Downloads: 42
Abstract: Our research investigates the effect of the anti-tobacco legislation on air quality in Romanian foster care units. There were made measurements in 41 foster care homes from three Romanian countries. We recorded data three times measuring the indoor and outdoor PM 2.5 level with a TSI Aerosol Monitor Sidepak AM device. A moderate positive correlation can be observed every year between indoor and outdoor PM 2.5 values. After the new anti-smoking legislation it was observed a significant difference in the outdoor values and less difference in the indoor values. The new anti-tobacco legislation from 2016 has lightly influenced the indoor air pollution level, while the outdoor PM2.5 was increased significantly. The results suggest that the residents and the employees in the foster care homes are smoking more outside the house after the new tobacco law.
Keywords: smoking, anti-tobacco legislation, air quality, pm 2.5, foster care home
Cite this article: Abram Z., Tubak N.. THE AIR QUALITY IN ROMANIAN FOSTER CARE HOMES AFTER THE NEW LEGISLATION. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety 15, 37-42 (2021).
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