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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 15, 2021

T. Inanan
Pages: 162-172
Published: 23 Sep 2021
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Downloads: 55
Abstract: The aim of this study was to prepare vinyl imidazole (VIM) based gallic acid (GA) imprinted polymers and to optimize their adsorption properties. GA, that is a natural bioactive compound with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-viral activities, imprinted by emulsion polymerization using VIM as the functional monomer and EGDMA as the cross-linker. GA-MIPs were characterized by FTIR spectroscopy, Zeta sizer and Zeta potential analysis. GA adsorption onto GA-MIPs was optimized and results demonstrated that maximum adsorption capacity was determined as 1012.4 ± 44.9 mg GA/g MIPs in the optimum conditions (75 min using 0.9 mg GA-MIPs in H2O at 25°C). IF value for 100 ppm was calculated higher than other concentrations and thus, selectivity studies were performed using 100 ppm GA and 100 ppm its analogue. Selectivity coefficient values showed that GA-MIPs adsorbed more GA as compared to HB and CA analogues. All relative selectivity coefficients greater than 1 has showed that GA-MIPs adsorbed more GA than its analogues as regards to GA-NIPs. Relative selectivity values for GA-CA and GA-PCA pairs were calculated high as 5.6 and 5.1, respectively. Brewed tea and clove extract were selected as real samples due to extensive use in Turkey. GA was recovered selectively with high percentages recoveries from GA-MIPs.
Keywords: gallic acid, molecular imprinting, 1-vinylimidazole, selectivity
Cite this article: T. Inanan. VINYL IMIDAZOLE BASED GALLIC ACID IMPRINTED POLYMERS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 15, 162-172 (2021).
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