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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 15, 2021

Elena Gudeleva, Ekaterina Sudarkina, Armine Dallakian
Pages: 111-124
Published: 29 Sep 2021
Views: 377
Downloads: 36
Abstract: In contrast to a great variety of studies discussing the rhetoric of the contemporary print advertising slogan, this article considers the major functions and historical outline of the movie slogan (tagline) and the discourse strategies it employs to achieve its intended effect – to catch the viewer’s attention. More than 900 original movie taglines of 21st-century Eurasian films presented at the largest international festivals are studied. The classification of taglines (annotative – challenge) based on their dominant function and discourse is proposed. In addition to a comprehensive description, the paper dwells on the relationship between the tagline and the elements, framing the film, uncovers the preferences of cinemagoers, and shows what additional information about the film is contained in the tagline, and how the ideas and messages are conveyed.
Keywords: tagline (movie slogan), film advertising, annotative and challenge taglines, discourse strategy, rhetorical device, wordplay
Cite this article: Elena Gudeleva, Ekaterina Sudarkina, Armine Dallakian. CONTEMPORARY MOVIE TAGLINE: THE SERVANT THAT RULES. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society 15, 111-124 (2021).
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