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Ecology & Safety, Volume 16, 2022

Yaşar Selman Gültekin, Pınar Gültekin
Pages: 110-118
Published: 25 Sep 2022
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Abstract: The concept of “ecological safety” evaluates the level of ecological risk, the amount of destruction of the ecosystem and the extent of the danger that ecological systems are facing. It reflects the degree of integrity and health of the ecosystem, and can also provide a guarantee for the sustainability of an ecological-economic system. When ecological safety is considered in terms of people; It defines the ecosystem that does not threaten human life, health and wellbeing, and aims to prevent ecosystems from being damaged. In this study, Düzce Urban forest, which is one of the functional green infrastructure elements of Düzce city, was evaluated within the framework of ecological safety, forest and tree health. Risk factors that reduce ecological safety in Düzce urban forest were determined within the scope of the study. Düzce urban forest which has ecological functions such as regulating city climate by controlling temperature, humidity and wind, providing noise control and improving air quality, protecting the plant and wildlife diversity, in recent years, it has been faced with the problems of vandalism, being a crime scene, environmental pollution, air-water-soil pollution, and the increase of invasive species. In Düzce, which is the 5th province with the highest air pollution rate in Europe, urban open and green spaces are scarce in quantity and in a fragmented structure. Therefore, urban forest and urban trees are very important to continue urban existence in a healthy way, both in terms of environmental health and human health. In line with the threats and problems identified within the scope of the study, the ecological safety of the urban forest and urban trees were evaluated and suggestions were made for the solution of the problems.
Keywords: ecological safety, forest health, urban forest, urban tree, düzce
Cite this article: Yaşar Selman Gültekin, Pınar Gültekin. EVALUATION OF DÜZCE URBAN FORESTS IN THE CONTEXT OF ECOLOGICAL SAFETY AND TREE-FOREST HEALTH. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety 16, 110-118 (2022).
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