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Language, Individual & Society, Volume 16, 2022

Renáta Kišoňová
Pages: 122-126
Published: 29 Sep 2022
Views: 266
Downloads: 30
Abstract: The paper focuses on the relationship among prejudices in social life and the moral and social emotion of disgust. What are the mechanisms which do relate and connect prejudice and our experience of disgust? I will try to discuss that connection within etymology of studied terms and within context from contemporary literature and the novel Vegetarian. Experience of disgust strongly correlates with experience of prejudice according to contemporary researchers from the field of evolutionary biology, psychology, anthropology, environmental biology and other research areas focused on human social behavior .
Keywords: prejudice, moral emotion of disgust, novel vegetarian, disgusting, emotions
Cite this article: Renáta Kišoňová. SOCIAL PREJUDICES AND EMOTION OF DISGUST. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society 16, 122-126 (2022).
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