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Educational Alternatives, Volume 20, 2022

Chung Won Lee, Jin Ho Kim, Boseong Kim
Pages: 352-358
Published: 1 Oct 2022
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Abstract: Recent studies have reported that light affects human circadian rhythm, attention, and memory. Among them, memory can be said a very significant factor in terms of the effectiveness of learning. This is because if there is a large amount of retention after a certain period of time with having learned a task, the effect of learning can be considered high. In this respect, long-term memory linked to the memory over an extended period Is one of the important subjects to be covered in learning. A series of studies prove that the performance of working memory and long-term memory in learning field may differ depend on the environment of light. In addition, the studies argue that the optimum light environment for working memory and long-term memory is different. Studies involving the light and long-term memory have consistently reported that the long-term memory under the condition of relatively dark 400 Ix is superior. However, the exact causes of why long-term memory is superior in a relatively dark light environment has still not identified. Thus, this study was conducted to research into the reason why long-term memory is superior in a dark environment through the study on how light environment affects the memory forgetting of learning tasks. With this, we will systematically analyze the effect of long-term memory based on light environment, drawing the implication for the composition of the light environment in the educational field.
Keywords: led lighting, forgetting, memory, illuminance
Cite this article: Chung Won Lee, Jin Ho Kim, Boseong Kim. EFFECT OF LIGHT ENVIRONMENT ON FORGETTING OF LEARNING TASKS: A PRELIMINARY STUDY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 20, 352-358 (2022).
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