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Economy & Business, Volume 16, 2022

Arjana Kadiu, Albana Demi, Szabó Zoltán
Pages: 407-418
Published: 8 Oct 2022
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Abstract: All extraordinary innovations of the last decades have impacted the marketplace, the world’s economy, and as a consequence our lives. This dynamism is pushing us to our limits of adaptation and our limits of creativity as well. In light of these events, a very delicate occurrence needs special attention. Our natural, global environment has been forced to change significantly. Therefore, green initiatives are not a question anymore, but an urgent global engagement. In developing countries like Albania, growing green may be a lot more difficult, because this path is closely related to economic factors. However, small steps taken now, are crucial to approaching the global goal. The purpose of this research is to highlight the importance of establishing the key elements of green growth processes in Albania. Although green approaches may take more time in terms of economic growth, they will lead to sustainable development. This primary research will be based on a questionnaire and interviews with management teams of private enterprises and main public administrators in the city of Durres. The analysis is aimed to find out the level of engagement in the process of green development. Descriptive and explanatory research will help us understand the phenomenon of neglect and its whys, related to green growth processes in Albania. Innovative views, concerning marketing planning will be proposed through the study, highlighting their importance in the interconnected process. At the end of the study, based on our primary analysis and existing theoretical research, it is aimed to propose a sustainability scheme that will contribute to tourism development in Albania. Every step to protect local destinations, adds up to the common goal of protecting our planet, our global heritage, and our lives.
Keywords: economic processes, environment protection, human wellbeing, economic growth, administrators
Cite this article: Arjana Kadiu, Albana Demi, Szabó Zoltán. A BALANCED DEVELOPMENT OF ECONOMIC PROCESSES, ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION, AND HUMAN WELLBEING. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business 16, 407-418 (2022).
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