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Educational Alternatives, Volume 20, 2022

Maria Bellmunt i Borràs, Anna Planas i Lladó
Pages: 479-491
Published: 13 Dec 2022
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Downloads: 34
Abstract: In most countries, compulsory schooling is provided for children between the ages of 6 and 16. That said, a collective exists made up of families that, rather than sending their children to school, opt instead to take on the responsibility for their formal and informal (academic, social, cultural, physical and emotional) education themselves. This phenomenon, known as homeschooling, is a new concept in Catalonia (Spain) and is not regulated by educational law. This article sets out to discover more about the educational practices employed by families that homeschool their children in Spain. A qualitative study has been carried out using data obtained from 14 interviews and the analysis of five family blogs providing details of their day-to-day educational experiences. Despite the uniqueness of each family scenario, certain common traits could be identified. The parents take a great deal of responsibility for the education of their children. They have a comprehensive understanding of their children’s learning styles and select the relevant methodologies and curriculums that work best for them. In general, homeschooling families implement a practical and active approach to learning that is focused on the child, providing a style of education that is open to their immediate environment and to society. The results of the study suggest the potential for using homeschooling techniques as a source of inspiration for teachers and other families.
Keywords: homeschooling, unschooling, e-learning, personalised education, home education
Cite this article: Maria Bellmunt i Borràs, Anna Planas i Lladó. PEDAGOGICAL CONTRIBUTIONS OF HOMESCHOOLING. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 20, 479-491 (2022).
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