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Educational Alternatives, Volume 21, 2023

Judit Grotte, Ilona Béres, Eszter Marczell-Szilágyi, Tímea Magyar
Pages: 345-355
Published: 20 Oct 2023
DOI: 10.62991/EA1996166645
Views: 180
Downloads: 22
Abstract: Globalization and technological revolution continuously creates new changes in the international market – and social environment. Such crisis-type changes like COVID 19 or the current energy-crisis generates even more remarkable and unpredictable turning points in the human relations and customer habits. These changes also make the education systems need new approaches and changes: modern education methods and actualised communication practises should be installed ⸻ the strong regulation environment of the education-institutions and the diversity and complexity of the factors affecting the efficient knowledge-transfer practices makes this topic compounded and complicated enough so that it is worth studying the interrelations of the various factors influencing the adaptability of education. This study introduces the results of 2 primary research: (a) a questionnaire survey about the usage of smart devices in the studies of the Hungarian and international university students in Hungary, and (b) a focus-group research among the members of the 2 target groups (mentioned above), in which the interviewees were asked about what kind of educational methods they find effective in the realization of their carrier goals within the changed social and economic environment.
Keywords: macroeconomic environment, online communication tools, new methods of education, effective knowledge transfer
Cite this article: Judit Grotte, Ilona Béres, Eszter Marczell-Szilágyi, Tímea Magyar. EFFECTIVE LEARNING AND TEACHING TOOLS IN HIGHER EDUCATION. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 21, 345-355 (2023).
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