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Educational Alternatives, Volume 21, 2023

Ana Darie
Pages: 356-363
Published: 20 Oct 2023
DOI: 10.62991/EA1996168636
Views: 184
Downloads: 16
Abstract: The implications of a poor state of health among the teachable are of considerable proportions, having repercussions on school success. It is known that in children with a higher weight than normal, puberty starts faster, and the psychological changes involve significant deteriorations in terms of the emotional state (self-esteem, depression, social/school functioning), a fact that can lead to school dropout. Now, more than ever, education is called to respond to current issues and to get involved in activities that develop cognitive, social and emotional skills, having a protective role on the child's health and the development of a healthy lifestyle. The existing policies, strategies, action plans and programs at European and national level that strive to raise awareness and to promote active and healthy lifestyles are the ideal framework for building a culture of health among the teachable. Local initiatives in the educational sphere that aim to develop children's healthy behaviors regarding nutrition and active lifestyle, promoting cultural traditions in achieving well-being and preventing obesity and chronic diseases can become good practices and inspirational models at national and even international level. Thus, the ”Granny’s Health Bag Program. Healthy traditions for healthy children” a pilot project, awarded the first place in the "Healthy Lifestyle Cities" category by the European Commission at the EU Health Award ceremony, in the year 2021, in which I participated as a member of the implementation team, representing the foundation of the investigation and research conducted in the proposed work.
Keywords: obesity, prevention, educational interventions, behavior modeling, educational program
Cite this article: Ana Darie. EARLY LITERACY FOR ADOPTING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 21, 356-363 (2023).
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