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Economy & Business 2024, 23rd International Conference
18-21 August, Burgas, Bulgaria
Call for Papers

Economy & Business, Volume 15, 2021

Silvia T. Trifonova
Pages: 1-23
Irena Nikolova
Pages: 24-35
Anna P. Klippstein, Eliyahu C. Mätzschker, Maxim Boichenko, Shyanne Peterson, Paolo Nuti, Christopher Devon, Larry E. Williams II, Merlin-Cederic
Pages: 36-48
Karnitis E., Pukis M., Bicevskis J., Karnitis G., Turnis, R., Bicevska M.
Pages: 49-60
Julia Dobreva
Pages: 61-66
Goran Kutnjak, Anja Lučić
Pages: 67-76
Svilen Hristov Kolev
Pages: 77-85
Nicolae Marinescu
Pages: 86-98
Markus C. Engert, Dominik E. Winkler
Pages: 99-107
Anna Konyev
Pages: 108-114
Anna Konyev, Dolgalova Olena
Pages: 115-124
Ioanna C. Chatzopoulou
Pages: 125-133
Angela Secrieru
Pages: 134-144
Ana Nedelcu
Pages: 145-157
Ana Nedelcu
Pages: 158-168
Angela Bogus
Pages: 169-180
Ludmila Popa, Angela Secrieru, Natalia Mocanu
Pages: 181-193
Myrsini Fotopoulou, Dimitrios Karkanis
Pages: 194-213
Jerry Plummer, Brady M. Murray
Pages: 214-220
Radim Valenčík, Ondřej Černík
Pages: 221-232
Maia Seturi, Diana Kadaria
Pages: 233-242
Ewelina Idziak
Pages: 243-259
Akira Shimada
Pages: 260-277
Jana Galera Matúšová, Ľubica Varečková
Pages: 278-283
Krzysztof Marecki, Agnieszka Wójcik-Czerniawska
Pages: 284-290
H. Serhat Çerçi
Pages: 291-297
Electra Pitoska Electra, Anastasia Liana, Leandros Araviadis
Pages: 298-305
Renata Nováková, Viera Horváthová, Andrea Vadkertiová
Pages: 306-312
Fernando C. Gaspar
Pages: 313-322
Jaan Alver, Lehte Alver
Pages: 323-335
Silvia T. Trifonova
Pages: 336-347
Silvia T. Trifonova
Pages: 348-363
Liliya Nedkova Nedevа
Pages: 364-373
Zoltán M. Rádai
Pages: 374-391
Arjana Kadiu
Pages: 392-400
Antonio Coviello, Stefano Guazzone
Pages: 401-409
Justyna A. Minkiewicz
Pages: 410-419
Leticia Pekk, Andras Hary
Pages: 420-432
Csilla Toth
Pages: 433-439
Xhesilda Vogli
Pages: 440-451
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