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Economy & Business, Volume 8, 2014

Oana C. Ţugulea
Pages: 985-994
Published: 29 Aug 2014
Views: 1,900
Downloads: 736
Abstract: The concept of credibility has been studied since Ancient Times. Nowadays, credibility receives a particular importance for researchers and practitioners as it influences the consumers’ behaviour. The concept is analyzed mostly as a construct with various dimensions. This paper focuses on the Internet credibility’s construct and its dimensions. The purpose of this research is to study the Internet credibility in general and websites’ credibility in particular. The objectives of this paper are: (1) to identify past approaches on Internet credibility; (2) to identify dimensions of websites’ credibility; (3) to identify the method that researchers use in order to separate the construct’s dimensions. The research method is an exploratory documentary study on the construct of credibility.
Keywords: credibility, literature review, factor analysis, construct, multidimensionality
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