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Agriculture & Food, Volume 2, 2014

Carlos Correia, Lia-Tânia Dinis, Rafael Pinheiro, Hélder Fraga, Helena Ferreira, Igor Gonçalves, Jorge Costa, Ana Oliveira, Aureliano Malheiro, José M
Pages: 424-429
Published: 1 Jun 2014
Views: 3,011
Downloads: 603
Abstract: Future climate in the Mediterranean grapevine growing regions will be characterized by severe summer conditions, with lower water availability, elevated temperature and elevated solar irradiance (visible and ultraviolet). These projected conditions are of utmost relevance for agricultural practices, since greatly influence the growth and yield, as they exhibit additive and interactive effects on plant physiology. Therefore, it is crucial to develop short-term autonomous adaptation measures, both by economic and environmental sustainability reasons. With this in mind, the protective role of foliar kaolin clay particles (KL) application in the most important Portuguese wine area (Douro region) was examined. The results obtained in 2012 season revealed that KL had a significant positive effect on leaf temperature, stomatal conductance, net photosynthesis, intrinsic water use efficiency, photosynthetic pigments and yield. Thus, kaolin proved to be effective in alleviating the negative effects of summer stress.
Keywords: climate change, kaolin, summer stress, vitis vinifera
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