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Ecology & Safety, Volume 8, 2014

Violina R. Angelova, Vanja I. Akova, Krasimir I. Ivanov
Pages: 441-453
Published: 1 Jun 2014
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Downloads: 1,642
Abstract: The effects of organic soil amendments (compost and vermicompost) on the chemical composition of safflower meal (heavy metals, micro and macroelements and amino acid compostion) were studied. Field experiments with randomized complete block design with five treatments (control, compost amendments added at 5 and 10% , and vemicompost amendments added at 5 and 10%) were carried out. Tested organic amendments significantly influenced the chemical composition of safflower meal. The compost and vermicompost treatments significantly reduced heavy metals concentration in safflower meals, but the effect differed among them. Addition of compost affected significantly the mineral contents of the safflower meal. Treatment with vermicompost leads to a slight decrease in nutrient content, the decrease was more pronounced with the introduction of 5% vermicompost. In potassium and calcium was observed almost no influence of the additive. Crude protein and amino acids composition was affected by compost and vermicompost amendment treatments. The composition of nonessential and essential amino acids affect both organic amendments, which in most cases is opposite. The effect of amendments was mainly manifested in the non-essential amino acid content of meal, the 10% compost treatment entrained an increase by about 48%. At the same time, also the essentials content increased, but moderately, exceeding control by max. 29.6%. The C. tinctorius is a good source of protein supplement in livestock. It is necessary to supplement safflower seed meal based diets with the sulphur-containing amino acids (methionine and cystine) in order prevent nutritional deficiencies of these essential amino acids.
Keywords: safflower meal, organic amendments, chemical composition, amino acid content
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