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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 8, 2014

Vasileva E. K.
Pages: 430-439
Published: 2 Jun 2014
Views: 2,121
Downloads: 728
Abstract: In respect to marine pollution, the Black Sea is one of the world's most vulnerable areas that environmental problems are serious. The Sea's shallow, mixed surface water, receive river discharges which are heavily loaded with nutrients containing nitrogen and phosphorus. In addition, a coastal industry appears to discharge wastes directly into the sea. Thus the water quality of the life-supporting surface layer has seriously deteriorated. Gas hydrates in the Black Sea are crystalline solids. Methane is the dominant component among other hydrocarbon gases in the sediments. Methane is important both as an energy resource and as a factor in global climate change.
Keywords: black sea, environment, contamination, biological treatment, methane
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