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Media & Mass Communication, Volume 3, 2014

Liljana Siljanovska
Pages: 64-71
Published: 25 Aug 2014
Views: 3,431
Downloads: 900
Abstract: One of the basic functions of the media is the informative function whose sole purpose is to inform the recipients with a message of public interest which is to promote public awareness and a certain relation to the new, the unknown, the current and, above all, the true and the objective. Such performances of information in its basic form of media expression should contain the news, regardless of the media used to convey it, i.e. whether it is a radio or TV announcement, a printed article in the daily newspapers or piece of information published on the new social media. The media framework or the famous theoretical perspective - agenda seething - in media practice nationally and worldwide strays from objective criteria on structure and reorganization of the news and, above all, in terms of the thematic choice on which piece of information or which current event deserves to be published. Negativism and the ideological coloring of the news are central in daily newspapers and informational shows, i.e. in radio and TV news.
Keywords: informative, function, media, news, objective
Cite this article: Liljana Siljanovska. THE INFORMATIVE FUNCTION OF THE MEDIA: NEGATIVISM AND THE IDEOLOGICAL COMPONENT OF NEWS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Media & Mass Communication 3, 64-71 (2014).
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