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Media & Mass Communication, Volume 3, 2014

Elena N. Narkhova, Tatyana Radchenko
Pages: 72-78
Published: 25 Aug 2014
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Abstract: Russian and Western sociologists have noted the relevance of self-identification issues in times of crisis and worsening ethnic relations. The need for self-identification is a critical need for the person performing such functions in the life of man as self-actualization and psychological security and the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions. The main mechanism of social identity is the individual's performance of certain social roles. Social instability leads to a blurring of the performance roles of this individual. Such a social vacuum is filled things and rituals The practice life of man becoming the theater - asserts a well-known American sociologist Irving Goffman. Since in times of crisis man feels as an object that is affected by a process that he cannot control, then in the process of selection and consumption of things he can regain the status of the subject. The paper presents an attempt to analyze the positive and negative consequences of such scenario of individual self-identification as well as a role in these processes of modern communication.
Keywords: self-identification, crisis of self-identification, consumption, consumerism, market-oriented type of individual, social role, value orientations, adv
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