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Educational Alternatives, Volume 12, 2014

Marek Sinkora, Jana Sinkorova
Pages: 58-65
Published: 4 Sep 2014
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Downloads: 1,025
Abstract: Financial supports for basic research in veterinary immunology are often limited due to interdisciplinary nature. Grant agencies supporting basic research argue that subjects are applied while agriculture agencies argue that it belongs to basic research. Consequences of this approach are a loss of financial resources for veterinary projects. We have shown that this limitation can be precluded by using of state-of-the-art technologies. These include high-speed flow cytometry sorting, high-throughput molecular analysis of single cells, microdissection and single cell recovery by micromanipulation. We have recently used these high-tech methodologies to (1) disprove the concept that porcine hind-gut follicles are a site of B cell lymphogenesis, (2) characterize B cell development in the bone marrow, (3) characterize lineages, developmental and activation markers of γδ T cells and (4) show negative modulation of immune system by some viruses. This work was supported by Czech Science Foundation grant P502/12/0110 and P502/10/0038.
Keywords: state-of-the-art technologies, veterinary immunology, high-tech methodologies, applied and basic research
Cite this article: Marek Sinkora, Jana Sinkorova. NEW RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES USED FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF IMMUNE SYSTEM IN VETERINARY SPECIES. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 12, 58-65 (2014).
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